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  • I felt the workshop was helpful.  I did pick up a few techniques on pen pressure and flow.  It’s nice to just bounce ideas off people who are all working on the same skill.

    I’m very happy there was not any true “beginners” in the course. Everyone seemed to have a design background or are a designer and that really helped the atmosphere.  I’ve been to quite a few workshops over the years and I feel Daniel did a great job hosting.

    All in all, it just felt good to be around like minded creative people.  Would I pay $150 to do it again? Yes.

    Kris Petrat
    Kris PetratGraphic Designer

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If you’re a graphic designer, calligrapher or design team looking to expand your skills, this in-person workshop will give you the foundation you need with one-on-one instruction.

  • I enjoyed the workshop and thought it was very helpful. I appreciated that Daniel answered the questions I asked and the individual feedback I got on my lettering piece. I especially enjoyed learning about the swashes, the “kick” technique for the k, and learning about rounding the letters into each other so they’re not “stabbing” the next letter.

    Gracie Wilson
    Gracie WilsonGraphic Designer
  • Daniel’s workshop was very helpful! It’s one thing to see videos of people create their lettering but to be in-person you get the full effect. Daniel helped me realize that I was choking up too much on the Tombow pen and I wasn’t getting the thick lines that I was looking for.

    Using the pen in different angles allowed me to create certain letterforms that I couldn’t quite get right before. I had a similar kick technique while he was doing a demo but I never thought of coming from the bottom of the paper. What also helped was watching him add the swashes to letterforms to create more interest and achieve a custom look. This workshop not only helped with techniques but was also great motivation.

    Tim Galvan
    Tim GalvanGraphic Designer
  • I loved the workshop. Even as a logo designer, I learned a lot that I can now put into practice and apply to my own projects. Just by learning a new process of going from brush pen calligraphy to a lettering piece that’s ready to scan, I am inspired to tweak my own process to become more productive and efficient.

    Scott Hofford
    Scott HoffordLogo Designer
  • Loved the class. It was really helpful. I wanted to take something that would get me started on lettering and this was a great beginner’s class.

    I appreciate Daniel providing the materials and showing his technique in lettering. Watching that was very helpful. I also really liked the lettering sheets he provided us with and samples of letters. I especially liked hearing about the tools Daniel likes to use and tips for beginners.

    Overall, the class was informative and fun. I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to others.

    Joly Neelankavil
    Joly NeelankavilDesigner

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