Two Podcasts That Will Take Your Professionalism to the Next Level

Two Podcasts That Will Take Your Professionalism to the Next Level
April 27, 2016 Daniel Palacios

Originally, I was going to mention five podcasts. I decided last minute to condense the list and focus on the ones that started it all for me.

Rather than listing a bunch of podcasts, I’m sharing with you two of my personal favorites that have really enhanced my professional outlook in more ways than one.

seanwes Podcast


I have to start by mentioning this podcast first, not only because it has had the biggest influence on my approach as a designer, but also because it’s the first one I ever listened to.

When I heard that Sean McCabe from seanwes was coming out with a podcast back in 2013 (it’s crazy that it’s already 2016), I knew that it was going to have something to do with lettering or design. That was expected since he was primarily known for being a hand-lettering artist at the time.

What I ended up learning over the course of 200+ episodes was way more valuable than what I had originally anticipated. Not only does he put out two jam-packed episodes per week with co-host Ben Toalson, which is unheard of, but he also goes deep into topics including:

  • business
  • entrepreneurship
  • professionalism
  • email marketing
  • life
  • finances
  • clients
  • value-based pricing
  • finding your passion

If I listed them all, this post would be too long. There are just so many things you can learn by listening to this podcast.

Who Is This For?

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about growing as a professional. It’s so much more than just about design. I’m happy to say that I’m blogging more as well as adopted several other habits because of it.

Listen for yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed that I told you about it.

Smart Passive Income Podcast


I don’t remember if I stumbled upon this podcast by chance in 2014 or if Sean mentioned it. Either way, it’s another one worth checking out.

The host, Pat Flynn, is transparent with pretty much everything he does (just visit his site). His story of how he got started with online business is inspiring. I won’t spoil it for you, but the guy is full of knowledge and shares his personal insights on:

  • generating passive income online
  • building and engaging with your audience
  • niche-building
  • marketing
  • podcasting
  • business
  • entrepreneurship

The list goes on.

Pat also interviews special guests and friends who have found success in their respected niches and often reveal their secrets to his listeners, which are essentially life-hacks. You can’t go wrong by listening to him share everything he knows.

Who Is This For?

This podcast is great for people looking to learn more about making a living with passive income or starting an online business. Again, don’t take my word for it.

More to Come

These two podcasts have been instrumental in my growth, which is why I decided to highlight them. Eventually, I’ll share my entire list in a future post.

Do you have a favorite podcast?