Case Study: Love is an Adventure Lettering

Case Study: Love is an Adventure Lettering
August 3, 2016 Daniel Palacios

When I was approached with the idea of lettering the tagline for a friend’s engagement party, it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. I treated it like every other project I’ve done, which included filling out the questionnaire, following up with discussions, signing a contract and delivering a presentation.

Although this project was completed a year ago, I decided to share it with you so you can see an example of how you could present your process to clients.

(The following is the exact case study I sent with a few minor modifications for the purpose of this blog post.)


Before I go into my thought-process behind the design decisions, I just want to give a brief introduction of the goals. Some of the words used to describe the mood and feel were:

  • vintage
  • classic
  • personal
  • handwritten

Throughout the design process, I kept these words in the back of my mind to drive the overall direction of the project.

Rough Drafts

The purpose of the first sketches were to explore relationships between the words and letters, as well as the composition. I wanted to give emphasis to the words love and adventure since these have the most meaning. I realized early on that I could accomplish this by enlarging the focus words, which became clear and easier to read.

I also settled on a stacked layout for symmetrical reasons. Knowing the couple helped me make this decision because I know both are organized individuals. I incorporated the airplane as a subtle reference to Italy, which is the location of the wedding. This was a last-minute illustrative addition that tied in nicely and also works well on the website.

I used these rough pencil sketches as a base for the next phase, which included tracing paper and brush pens.




Instead of a thin-stroked script, I chose to go with a slightly thicker width to give the composition a more weighted appearance. I intentionally did this to also fill in some empty spaces. I wanted to give the impression of a more personalized handwritten style, which is why I went with an upright script instead of a slanted one. The composition has a bold, yet elegant presence.

I chose to use a swash-style cross-bar on the letter ‘t’ to suggest movement and travel. The downstroke in the letter ‘n’ also utilizes a swash to reinforce the message.






In the questionnaire, burgundy and black were provided as the two color options. I chose to go with black because of its classic and timeless feel. It’s a lot more versatile than burgundy due to its neutrality and has the ability to fit with most color themes if they changed at any point. The ivory color of the paper is a subtle hint to one of the wedding colors.


I explored several alternative compositions, but found that the chosen direction aligned with the personalities of the wedding couple best. The end result is a hand-lettered script with a classic touch.