18 Different Uses for Lettering and Calligraphy

18 Different Uses for Lettering and Calligraphy
June 8, 2016 Daniel Palacios
18 uses for lettering and calligraphy

The recent resurgence of lettering and calligraphy over the last few years has given them a whole new life. You can see both being used in almost every industry there is.

Aside from being a hobby you could learn while having a day job, lettering and calligraphy are also professions you could make a decent living out of. If you’ve ever questioned why you would start learning these two skills, this list of eighteen different uses will hopefully change your mind.

You’ll get to see how versatile they can be through examples as well as familiarize yourself with the various sub niches within lettering and calligraphy.

1. Logotype Design

instagram logo

Logotype by Mackey Saturday.

2. Wedding Invitations

nathan yoder

Hand-lettered wedding invitation by Nathan Yoder.

3. Physical Products

tinlun studio

Various products with custom lettering by Tinlun Studio.

4. Murals


Hand-painted mural by Gemma O’Brien.

5. Signs

ged palmer

Hand-painted sign by Ged Palmer.

6. Album Artwork

troye sivan blue neighbourhood

Brush pen calligraphy by Matt Vergotis.

7. Movie Titles

wreck-it ralph

Custom logotype by Michael Doret.

8. Advertising

erik marinovich - propel water

Lettering for ad campaign by Erik Marinovich.

9. Magazines

neil secretario magazine lettering

Custom lettering for spread by Neil Secretario.

10. Cards

scott biersack - holiday card

Holiday card by Scott Biersack.

11. Beverage Labels

jon contino miller high life

Lettering by Jon Contino.

12. Company Motto/Manifesto

eric friedensohn respect the coffee gods

Custom lettering for coffee shop by Eric Friedensohn.

13. Book Covers

scarlet sisters

Custom Lettering by Drew Melton.

14. Menus

lauren hom menu

Chalk lettering for menu by Lauren Hom.

15. Packaging

simon walker eastciders

Custom lettering for packaging by Simon Walker.

16. Food

danielle evans food lettering

Dimensional type by Danielle Evans.

17. Tattoos

sergey shapiro tattoo lettering

Calligraphic tattoo design by Sergey Shapiro.

18. Fonts

mika melvas script

Brush script font by Mika Melvas.

Want to add to the list? Let me know.