Lettering Artists & Inspiration – Part 3

Lettering Artists & Inspiration – Part 3
February 16, 2016 Daniel Palacios

It seems that every couple of months or so, a new lettering artist emerges from the offline world and pops up on social media. Some are either newcomers looking to make their mark, while others have been part of the design and lettering community for years.

Every now and then I like to update my ever-growing list of inspiration to keep up with the new talent that’s out there. I didn’t have the opportunity to do one last year, so I’m doing one early in 2016. This is actually the third installment of an on-going series I started back in 2013. You can check out 2014’s here.

If you’re looking for an inspirational list of lettering artists to follow on the web, then this is it (in no particular order). I personally hand-selected some of my favorite pieces by the artists below.

Jackson Alves

Luca Barcellona


Martina Flor


Winston Scully


Scott Biersack


Sean Tulgetske


Eric Friedensohn


Dmitriy Tkachev


Jelvin Base


Paul von Excite