Hello 2016

Hello 2016
January 6, 2016 Daniel Palacios

Hard to believe 2015 is over.

I’ve made some great personal accomplishments last year that I’m proud of and others that I’m not.

I’m not just going to share with you the things I did, but I’m also going to recap the things I didn’t do as well as my plans for 2016.

It feels good starting off the new year with goals and I find these little recaps helpful in keeping me accountable.

Although this is more for me, I highly encourage you to write something, even if it’s just an outline like this.

You can read about my 8 Habits I Adopted in 2014 post here.

Things that happened in 2015

  • Launched an online shop in January with my first product
  • Filed my DBA and opened a business checking account in April
  • Added another product in May
  • Added an email sign up form to website
  • Joined the Community in May
  • Attended several local meet-ups
  • Started listening to more podcasts

Things that didn’t happen in 2015

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter
  • Consistency
  • Tutorials

Plans for 2016

  • Newsletter
  • Consistency
  • More products
  • Creative South (my first conference)
  • Meet/make new friends
  • Write more
  • Work on lettering course(s)
  • Learn more
  • Spend more time with family
  • Be a better listener
  • Keep practicing

There might be a few things missing, but for the most part, these are the ones that stood out to me.

What are you planning to accomplish in 2016?

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