Benefits of Repurposing

Benefits of Repurposing
February 3, 2016 Daniel Palacios

Have you ever thought about repurposing your work? Whether it’s a quick email you sent to a friend, or a text message you wrote to describe something in detail, all of it has value.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, repurposing is the act of adapting an existing piece of information for another purpose.

It may not immediately hit you that you can repurpose what you wrote in an email as a blog post, but you can. A good chunk of my article, Approaching Projects with Confidence Through a Defined Process, was repurposed from a landing page for the Trust the Process poster. And last week’s blog post is actually a modified version of an email I wrote to my friend, Scotty Russell.

Once I got used to the idea of repurposing my work, I realized the benefits of doing so and wanted to share them with you.


Repurposing allows your content to get more exposure. For example, maybe you posted a picture to Instagram one evening with a useful tip about lettering. It is very likely that many people missed that tip purely because of time zone differences. You can incorporate that tip into a newsletter or a blog post to give it more exposure, which will in turn, benefit your audience.

Anything that can teach people how to enrich their lives, better themselves or make things easier will garner the most attention. As long as you’re providing something of value, don’t be afraid to repurpose. You can avoid sounding repetitive by focusing on the main takeaways from your original work and adapting it to a new forum. You can even incorporate new material to provide more value.

Time and Effort

Time is valuable in itself. With the stressors of everyday life, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with new and original content on a regular basis. Repurposing your work not only allows for more people to see work that you’ve already published, but it also buys you precious time to come up with new content to share.

Remember that your audience is here to learn all that they can from you. Repurposing gives them the opportunity to see everything you have to offer.