Should You Attend A Lettering Workshop?

Should You Attend A Lettering Workshop?
August 31, 2016 Daniel Palacios
gemma obrien lettering workshop

As soon as I found out that Gemma O’Brien was coming to California to teach a lettering workshop, I registered immediately. I hesitated for a brief moment only because I had never been to one before, but I knew that the experience would be invaluable.

I’ve been a fan of her work for years and seeing some of her lettering process firsthand was inspiring.

mrs eaves workshop

Gemma and I at her lettering workshop in Santa Monica, CA (yes, she’s tall).

One of the things I specifically remember learning from Gemma was that lettering doesn’t have to be so technical. It’s okay to be imperfect and let loose. This is something I’ve struggled with so it was nice to hear her say that. Her words have stuck with me and I remember them whenever I’m having a hard time with perfectionism.

Aside from workshops being a great experience, they’re also valuable. If you’re on the fence about attending a workshop in your area, here are some reasons why you should.

In-person Learning Experience

Getting direct access to the instructor is invaluable. You can quickly get feedback, watch live demonstrations and participate in group critiques. You also have the ability to ask questions and get instant answers, which isn’t always something you can do with an online course or book.

Learn New Tricks

Whether you’re a seasoned lettering artist or a beginner, the likelihood of you walking away with a new trick is high. For example, maybe the instructor showed you an alternative approach to draw the lowercase s in a more efficient way. It could save you time and now that trick could be used to make your life easier.

Connect with Your Community

If you’re not already connecting with like-minded individuals, attending a workshop should change that. It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends because of common interests. You’ll find that most people are genuinely excited to be there, which in turn makes the experience all the more fun and enjoyable.

You can quickly get feedback, watch demonstrations and participate in group critiques.

Support the Artist

Workshops are a great way to show support to the artists you admire. By attending, you’re validating what they’re doing. It gives fans the opportunity to meet the people who inspire them and learn one-on-one.

More Workshops to Come

I highly value workshops because of the above reasons. I mentioned some great resources to learn lettering last week and I think they’re worth investing in if you’re looking to take the next step. My plan is to attend one workshop per year and I’ve already been to two so far.

Introduction to Vector Lettering

Digitize Your Hand-lettered Sketches into Scalable Vectors

Are you looking for an in-person workshop in the Los Angeles area? Save you seat by registering before 1/28/17. Only 12 spots available.

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