Before starting a new project, both of us should have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives that need to be met. Meeting those goals involves asking preliminary questions and a thorough explanation of the design objectives in order to provide the most effective solution.

Below is a general outline of how this objective process will work:

1. Questionnaire

This is the most important phase of the project. It will help avoid future road bumps by keeping the focus on the project, goals and objectives. The content you provide will also serve as a checklist to make sure no one steers off course and the objectives are met.

2. Follow-up

After completion of the questionnaire, you will be contacted to discuss your answers and the project in detail. Any last minute notes will be taken and used to provide a quote and create a contract.

3. Contract Agreement

Once the contract has been reviewed and accepted, it is to be signed by you and returned along with the initial deposit. This is when the design process begins.

4. Research

Here, I spend time doing research on your target audience and competitors. Things that can help differentiate your organization are carefully noted and will be taken into consideration during the first phase of sketches.

5. Sketching Phase

This is where initial ideas are explored and design decisions based on the goals and research influence the direction of the design. Countless iterations of different ideas are sketched during this time.

6. Select & Refine

Out of all the possible directions, I select two or three of the best concepts to present to you. After a selection has been made, I continue to explore and fine-tune. Again, creativity is not limited at this stage and another round of sketching takes place all while keeping the project goals in mind.

7. The One

A cleaned up version of the sketch is re-drawn with guidelines to adjust spacing issues, curves and angles. More or less, this is what the final will look like with minor changes.

8. Paper to Digital

The final sketch is scanned and traced using vector-based software. Any last minute adjustments or tweaks will be made accordingly.

9. Final Artwork

With the artwork digitally traced, color is explored while keeping the goals, research findings and target audience in mind. Everything from size, spacing and alignment are all carefully considered based on the type of application(s) the artwork will be used on.

10. Presentation & Deliverables

The final artwork is supplied along with a presentation documenting the design process and every design decision I made. Upon delivery, the final invoice will also be sent and the vector file(s) will then be emailed after the payment has been made.

Keep in mind that this is a very broad overview and a more detailed process will be provided along with a schedule that is tailored towards your specific project.

If this sounds like something you want to pursue, then you can start by filling out the questionnaire.

Let’s get started!