Brush Pen Guide for Lettering and Calligraphy Artists

Jump-start Your Brush Pen Calligraphy & Lettering Game

Are you stuck deciding which brush pens to start with? Do you find yourself frequently asking lettering and calligraphy artists which brush pens they use or what pen is that?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then this brush pen guide is for you.

Know Your Tools

You can expect to receive a list full of various brush pens ranging from firm to soft tip that are popular in today’s lettering world.

Practice Makes Perfect

On top of providing you with a thorough list of brush pens, you will get three four printable practice sheets. Each have a different set of guides to help you practice your consistency.

It’s Free

In 2014, I wrote an article covering the basics of brush pens and pen pressure. My goal is to help lettering and calligraphy artists, like yourself, that are interested in learning about the different types of available brush pens. In the future, I plan to teach a comprehensive course on brush pen lettering and the vectorization process. This is the perfect guide if you’re just looking for a place to get started.

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