Highpulp is an online resource run by, Daniel Palacios, to help you grow and fulfill your lettering aspirations with weekly tips and insights.

Short Version of this Story

My lettering journey started in the fall of 2012. I graduated that same year with a degree in Graphic Design / Visual Communication and didn’t know where to begin.

I turned to Pinterest for inspiration at the time and discovered hand lettering. It was this specific piece that sparked my interest. Soon after, I picked up a pencil, paper and a newfound drive to learn this craft.

I’ve spent the last few years honing my skills day in and day out, working with clients and connecting with other artists in the community—I haven’t stopped since.

Share the Process

I enjoy sharing my personal thoughts and experience as an artist on my weekly blog. I believe in giving back to the lettering community and fostering good design practices that can help young artists take their professionalism to the next level.

I also put together a brush pen guide for calligraphy and lettering artists to answer some of the frequently-asked questions I’ve received from my audience.

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In addition to my weekly newsletter, I’m venturing into teaching workshops on brush pen lettering. This is a hands-on approach where students can get personalized feedback on their struggles while learning about the fundamentals.

Past Projects

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